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There are Two Kinds of Crazy People

There are two kinds of crazy people in the world.

The first kind is crazy because they are weird, but they are weird in a way that makes a lot of sense. They tend to be charming and amusing. They are lonely too, that’s why sometimes they would fall for you if you are simply good to them. Their weirdness is precious yet vulnerable, something they might want to hide but still naturally show. They come to this world to find someone to appreciate them. And if that someone is you: you give them 1, they give you 100.

The other kind is crazy because their very existence drive other people insane. They do not make sense and they do not need to. Their craziness grows every time when other people become more miserable. The best trick they can play is to hurt someone twice, in the exact same way, and they think there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. They have difficulty recognizing when other people are sad or mad. There is no soft spot in their heart.

Be careful though, the second kind can be disguised to be the first one.
Keep away from them.

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