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How NOT to make the same mistake in a night club or at a conference

I’m sure you’ve been through this before. You walk into the night club with one of your girlfriends, and then 10 minutes later she started talking to this really cute guy and basically you’re left alone for the rest of the night.

I bet you don’t want to put your girlfriend in the same situation. But there is a spark with that guy, and you really want to talk to him and dance with him. So now what?

You SHOULD talk to the guy and dance, for sure, but not too much. The important thing is to raise that interest and curiosity and then leave with him wanting more. Go back to your girlfriend and enjoy the rest of the night. If he is into you, you will get a message in due time. If he doesn’t contact you or you don’t even bother to leave your contact, then I would be really surprised you were hesitating getting back to your girlfriend in the first place.

Now think about a conference you just attended. After a really good panel discussion, you so want to talk to this panelist who is so bright, so knowledgeable, so insightful with what he has to say. You’re not the only one though. So now what?

Instead of blocking other people from talking to the panelist and asking one question after another, I suggest you focus on leaving a positive and strong impression with a few sentences about yourself and just one question (something connects what he does and what you do). After his answer, politely thank him for his time and ask to exchange business card.

Go back home and relax. Write to the panelist in a few days, remind him how you met and ask for an opportunity to call him/visit his office/arrange a coffee chat, etc. Chances are you will be able to lock in a good amount of his time one-on-one.

Respect your other friends in the night club or other attendees at the conference: you will only achieve something better for yourself.

P.S, sometimes I like to find connections between how people date and how people pursue their career, hope this makes sense to you. Let me know if you find any interesting connections too!


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