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[500 Days of Summer] & All Other Movies

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 500 Days of Summer 

Justin Long, He’s just not that into you

Rodrigo Santoro, Love Actually

I love these three movies. The obvious reason is: these guys are so cute. Honestly I thought they are all half Asian. But turns out Joe was born in LA and raised as a Jew; Justin was born in Connecticut and raised as a Roman Catholic; and Rodrigo is a Brazilian.

This demonstrates how wrong I can be about people a lot of times. Or again, people see what they want to see: you notice one thing, and you completely ignore everything else. I see them as half Asian because I like them, I want to relate to them, and because I know nothing else about them, I could probably only assume that they are half Asian, which makes me more comfortable liking them.

Believe it or not, people try hard to understand each other. But a lot of times, no matter how hard you try to understand a person, you end up finding a complete stranger. As weird as you are, you couldn’t figure out the other person’s weirdness. There are too many question marks haunting your little mind, so then you freak out, then you want to escape.

And the worst thing came when you said, I am leaving and I am not coming back again. And he/she looked at you for a couple of long seconds, and said, Ok, I understand. Not knowing what else to say, you rushed out feeling incomplete or even betrayed, and the next second you know you wanted him/her back but oh too late, you are no longer getting any responses to your messages or calls.

It was your decision to quit, no? But why you are so mad, or so sad?

Take your time when you decide to enter something; cut it off quick and clear when you decide to end something. Most of the time, however, we do the opposite. That’s why we suffer. But would you really know more when you take your time? Aren’t those things you already know to start with but maybe for some reason you are afraid to admit?

Maybe the ending was sad in 500 Days of Summer, I mean she got married, with another guy: “I just woke up one day and I knew…Something I was never sure about with you.” Such a courageous yet heart-breaking line, but it left me wondering, is this love then, when you wake up one day and you know?

Who even created this whole idea of love? Those beautiful words sitting next to each other on the greeting cards, what if it’s just another complete lie we constantly tell ourselves? One of my guy friends once told me he wanted a girl who is bad tempered and not easy to control, he thought life would then be more fun and more colorful. I couldn’t make any sense of what he’s talking about.

This is like a disaster to me. I thought ultimately we want to find happiness, peace and understanding. Maybe we’re all fundamentally different: me, and almost everyone else. My best friend once told me, I think you need to find someone who is of your kind.

If I were lucky, I already did.

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