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Why Don’t YOU Just Do it?

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In our Women’s Initiative launch event, our COO mentioned while she was in Boston last week, one of the women in the audience came up to her after the speech and suggested: I’ve noticed we typically have a lot of male speakers in our analyst training classes in the past. As we have quite a few female analysts joining this summer, it might make sense to invite more female speakers to present themselves at the training.

The COO said: it was a great idea. I will definitely communicate this to the representatives in HR who put together the incoming class training. But wait a minute. Why should I be the person doing this? This is YOUR idea so why don’t YOU just do it yourself? Why don’t you get in touch with the people responsible for this directly? Why don’t you provide some ideas and/or topics our female leaders could cover, and you could even be a speaker yourself!

There are many people who have great ideas. But many of them stop there as ideas. One of our analysts had this idea of putting together a panel discussion to invite all the senior female MDs across the firm to speak to junior analysts and associates, so she took the initiative to write this email to the Vice Chairman. And that is the very beginning of all the good things happened afterwards.

People say making a difference is too hard, or too big. But every big leap is comprised of maybe thousands of small steps built one on top of the other. If you can help one friend with her resume, if you can invite your junior analyst for lunch, if you can share one valuable experience to your interviewee, if you knock at the door of your MD’s office and say I have a better way of doing this…you are on the right track of making a difference, and more importantly, have an impact on the people around you.

Next time you have a good idea, why don’t you just do it?


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