The Least Worst Decision

Me: When did you get back last night?

L: like 5am…

Me: Are you serious?

L: Yeah, and went to sleep at 6am, and got into office at 10am.

Me: ……

Me: How did the presentation go?

L: It went very well.


Life could be worse

I was in a client meeting the entire day, it can get tiring. We have this department called Risk and Quantitative Analysis which is an independent risk management team who works closely with portfolio management to make sure the risk a certain portfolio’s taking is in line with its guideline and comparable to other portfolios across firm with similar constraints. 

What is unique about this risk group is that it is “independent”, but come to think about it, it is very hard to be perfectly independent if you work with portfolio managers all the time, you will automatically think from their perspective and their views will more or less have an impact on your judgment and opinion. 

So now is the time to make a choice: do you want a risk group that is kind of influenced by portfolio management, which is probably inevitable anyway? Or do you want a risk group that is completely out of the loop (independent) and has no idea what’s going on in the portfolios? 

The reality is we don’t have perfect situations. A lot of times, it’s not about making the best decision, but the least worst one.

Me: So which situation would be less devastating to you? Having a job that requires really long hours from time to time, or unemployment?


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