Twenty Thousand Days

I dreamed about my parents last night. 

A close girlfriend used to work at Mckinsey Hong Kong, and she told me a while back that she was looking for another job, something more stable, more sustainable. I asked why don’t you just come back to the US?

She said, because it’s close to home. My parents are not young anymore, I want to get to visit them at least a few times every year. It may sound surprising, but we only have about twenty thousand days to live in our lives.

20,000 days, only?

But yes, twenty thousand days, and we’re probably already one third through our journey, and our parents, at least two third through their journey.

I called them the day I had that conversation with my friend, and that weekend, and the following Wednesday.

They say love is selfish. Is it really love after all? They say the love between parents and children is totally different from the love between men and women. Is it really that different? Or is it just you can’t see?

Sacrifice, responsibilities, and respect. If you don’t have the three, if you can’t sacrifice your own interest for the benefit of the other, or if you can’t take responsibilities for your own choice and mistake, or you can’t respect the other person for who they are in their entirety…don’t call this love.

It’s probably some passion, attraction, a crush or just someone you like, but it’s not love.

You got only 20,000 days, and 1/3 is gone. What are you waiting for?

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