All The Right Moves

I went to OneRepublic‘s concert this Wednesday. They are doing their world tour and only stopping in NY for one night. Ternimal 5 is crazily remote from everything else in the city and it is like a broadway show theatre except that there are no seats! Well, there are a few seats on the 2nd and 3rd floor but either you get there super early or you are some sort of secret VIP.

Click pic to play "All The Right Moves"

But I had a blast, like in a big club. I was there for 3 hours and actually OneRepublic didn’t show up until the last hour. They had Alpha Rae as the first cover band and one of the guitar players (I’m 99% sure he’s Japanese) was so into it because he was shaking his head the entire time like crazy, but he’s absolutely beautiful. And Sarah came out for another hour and her songs are cheerful and energetic and she’s definitely not afraid of cracking jokes and drinking on stage, knowing nobody down there has ever heard about her, probably.

M is in finance too. Half way through he said, isn’t it crazy to think how we’re still doing what we’re doing, knowing these people up there are doing what they do and still might get bored one day?! I laughed. I met this girl at a house party last weekend and I like her a lot. She’s just done with her 2-year program at this investment bank, and now she’s deciding what to do next: Yes it’s pretty good, pays well, and I’m quite good at it. But is this what I want to do for a long term, or for the rest of my life?

A question we all have to ask ourselves, at some point I guess. Probably many people are hesitant to ask this question only because they know their answer would be a “NO”.

Then it’s almost hard to imagine how much expectation the first 2 hours have built for a half-drunk half-anxious standing audiance. And there they are, OneRepublic. Of course you know their “Apologize”, and “Stop and Stare”, but that night what I really fell in love with was this song: “All the right moves”.

All the right moves and all the wrong faces…oh my lord, how amazingly simple yet powerful are the lyics!

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