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You would have booked the tickets already

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRAVEL, to Europe especially, then Latin America. I secretly wished I were a guy when I was in middle school because I know some of my guy friends would just leave a note to their parents and then go off to another far faraway place for mountain climbing. I THOUGHT I couldn’t do that as a girl.

Then I was at college, I was on financial aid. The money from my part-time job went to food, books, clothing, paying back some loans, and buying tickets to go back home every now and then. Then the summer came, I wanted to go to Europe and maybe study aboard in Paris, but then I’ll have to pay more. Hum, so I would think to myself: maybe I should just stay on campus and find some internship around town so I can earn more money first.

Before I realized it, I was one of the proud alumni already. The good news is I finally make some money now. The bad news is I simply have no time. And for the rare cases when I do have both, I worry about who else I should be traveling with.

It’s always a dilemma right? When you were younger you have the time but not the money, then later you have the money but not the time.


Every time when I hear my friends talking about how they have traveled to more than 30 countries and lived more than 6 months in 5 of them, I contributed that to their wealthy family and their dads who almost always work in the embassy. Until I met A.

We were talking about everything in life over that 2-hour brunch the other day. And then we started talking about traveling. She said she has traveled to more than 40 countries in the world, and her husband loves to travel too.

So I asked: Do you guys always travel together?

She said no, a lot of times I travel by myself. I want to go somewhere, so I go. It’s that easy. If you really want this, why do you have to wait for someone else?

And then right there it struck me. When I was applying for US colleagues back in China that was a long time ago, my college counselor told me this (I forgot almost everything else he ever said but this): if you really want something badly, you will get it, eventually.

It’s subconscious probably, but that’s how life will work out for you.

So I booked the ticket to London, and I plan to go to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, maybe Florence too depending on my schedule. And I’m not going to worry if I have to travel by myself or if I couldn’t get a good deal or if the weather is not perfect for the time I will be there. I can deal with it. And I can always go back again.

Life is not a destination but a journey. This may be a cliché but it is NOT a joke. You don’t always have the freedom. But you do have a choice.

If you really want to travel, you would have booked the tickets already.

  1. Mkat
    January 8, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Amazing post! I loved it.

  2. April 17, 2015 at 4:29 am

    I am very inspired by your post! I am 17, turning 18 in May and this summer I will have graduated high school and be headed off to college! For the past year I have been telling myself I want to travel. I want to visit such and such. I have also started working part-time for the past almost seven months and have around $2,500 saved up. However, I’m hesitant. I am scared to go alone. I have no experience traveling by myself before and it would definitely be a challenge handling my own finances, food, transportation, housing, etc…especially with a language barrier. Maybe I am too young? or not mental prepared, not mature enough? I think to myself maybe I should wait on it until I am older, more mature, more prepared, but there is a side of me telling me to do something this summer, the summer before college, and do something extraordinary and life changing….

    I have not booked tickets yet, so I guess I am not that determined to travel….

    (There is also an option of taking a gap semester, and starting college during the Spring, but that is another discussion with many pros and cons to it.)

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