If you ever wonder what are the topics that I have written about so far~~~

The “How To” page is a collection of basic questions people have regarding job hunting, career advancement, relationships, self-improvement, lifestyle and beyond, particularly for young professionals, and minorities including women and internationals studying or working abroad. This also serves as a central place for questions that I’ve answered through emails and posts. Try Ctrl-F if you are looking for something in particular.

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Resume, Interviews, Job hunting

HOW TO take your resume to the next level

HOW TO ace your interview by understanding what they want to know

HOW TO explain the gaps between your experiences in an interview

HOW TO make sure you don’t overdo in an interview

HOW TO get your next internship or full time job (Top 10 Tips)

HOW TO ask the right questions before accepting the offer

HOW TO describe yourself in three words in an interview

WHAT TO focus on with your first internship and your first full-time job


Networking Tips

HOW TO write an introductory email which may lead to a job opportunity

HOW TO write follow up emails in a most effective way

HOW TO manage expectations and push back when others ask for your help

HOW TO network effectively as a woman

HOW TO break into a conversation and what to do when you cannot

HOW TO simply have a normal conversation

HOW NOT TO pick someone’s brain

HOW TO add someone on facebook before they really know you

HOW TO apply what you learned from a nightclub to a networking event

HOW TO say “good for you” in another and better way


Career Advancement

HOW TO go from do a good job to do a great job

HOW TO go from Analyst to Associate

HOW TO decide whether to go for a big firm or a small firm

HOW TO make a relocation decision

HOW TO decide whether you should switch jobs right now

HOW TO understand the shape of your career path

WHAT ARE the fundamentals of a successful career

WHAT can you learn from Celebrity Apprentice


Management and Communication

HOW TO defend yourself without being defensive in client communication

HOW TO successfully transition to a management role

HOW TO “manage” your boss when he has too many comments

WHAT TO DO if your boss doesn’t give you good projects

HOW TO manage work relationships and yourself (Top 10 things)

HOW TO reject anyone or anything gracefully

WHAT ARE the 10 greatest rules on communication


Dating and Relationships

WHAT TO DO when you are in a relationship but attracted to someone else

WHAT TO DO when you are attracted to someone already in a relationship

WHAT TO DO when your boyfriend/girlfriend is attracted to someone else

WHAT TO DO when you are uncertain about your relationship

WHAT should you be looking for in a long term relationship

WHAT I learned about relationships from Yale and the US

HOW TO set reasonable expectations in terms of dating

HOW TO let go and move on



HOW TO spend your holidays in a rewarding way

HOW TO achieve work/life balance (or not)

HOW TO stick to who you are and do what you are set to do

HOW TO find a place for your mind and feelings

WHAT I learned from Sex and the City on being Woman

HOW TO make time for yourself

HOW TO appreciate your parents

HOW TO get to know yourself better and have a good attitude for life


Life Lessons

HOW TO get the most out of your college education and time

HOW TO appreciate your college experiences

HOW TO react to someone who always complains

HOW TO embrace vulnerability and understand your worthiness

HOW TO do something today to make your life easier tomorrow

HOW TO appreciate every little thing in life

HOW TO stop worrying

HOW TO stay on track with life and be really successful

HOW TO learn from the unexpected in life


Culture and Differences

HOW TO understand most politic debates and cultural differences

HOW TO understand how kids are raised up differently in China and the US

HOW TO discover and challenge how honest can you be

HOW TO use the “unfair” card

WHAT TO DO when you lose everything


Decision Making

HOW TO be comfortable with your decisions already made

HOW TO make tough decisions

HOW TO make travel decisions

HOW TO decide if you belong in finance

HOW TO figure out your defining moment


Personal and Chinese

25 Things About Me (Updated List)


I feel you, New York

And I hope you would call me then

There are two kinds of crazy people

All the Right Moves

I am a secret fan of narcissistic people

给,还没有毕业的你们 (My College Experience in the US)



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