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25 Things About Me (Updated)

Let me take a break and write something fun about myself.


So I did this a long time ago when the 25 Things About Me idea first came out on facebook and I got tagged by someone else. Now I realized there are so many precious things about me I didn’t get to mention and so many new experiences I didn’t get to illustrate. So I rewrote this in memory of the first 25 years of my life, and I want to dedicate this to everyone who has been a part of my life, who has challenged me, inspired me, encouraged me, showed up for me, stayed with me when I felt frustrated, confused, and anxious, and finally, who has embraced my character wholeheartedly.

Btw, in case you are wondering, the pictures are taken by professional camera so you know how misleading they can be.


1. I introduce myself as Kanye with a D = Danye, and people love it. Well everyone knows Kanye West, but very few are aware that “Dan Ye” means “red leaf” in Chinese.

2. I am BIGGGGGGGGGG on sleep; I am BIGGGGGGGGGG on efficiency too.

3. I like abs. I think just abs is good enough.

4. I have visited all 8 Ivy League universities + MIT + Stanford + UChicago.

5. The only flower I wish to receive is lily: it has to be lily and it has to be white.

6. I write poems, I write songs (wish I could play guitar so I can sing with), I am good at spinning my pen, and I volunteer as a model.

7. I told my dad when he was teaching me basic geometry with a lot of circles and squares that “I want to do something when I grow up”. I was 3 years old. Who knows what that means? But careers I have seriously considered (or not) include teacher, reporter, engineer, and architect since then. Well I’m in finance now; who knows what’s gonna happen next?

8. I wrote my first diary in my 3rd grade. It was about the snow.

9. I think most girls are pretty. I like most girls; I like some guys; and I like maybe one or two guys very very much.

10. I like piggy. I like them to be pink, and I think they are cute. So I call people close to me and sometimes myself “piggy”. It’s actually a compliment.

11. Things that I used to hate but now love to eat: mushrooms, medium cooked steak, sashimi, and lasagna.

12. I had a nickname back in middle/high school – “Agent”. I still don’t know why but maybe it’s because I like to “interview people”, I always want to know more than what they just choose to tell me, even back then! I may sound like an investigator when I am really curious about someone (But I am good at keeping secrets too). Oh and I once bought a toy gun from Japan when I visited Sapporo for the first time but they never let me bring it onto the plane.

13. I never had long hair in middle/high school. Girls are not allowed to…long story.

14. I am very bad at directions, but I will remember the buildings at the corners if I am with someone even worse at directions.

15. The best thing about life (in my opinion) is: at this very second, you don’t know what’s gonna really happen in the next second.

16. I have taken pictures with Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl right in front of the Palace, and Blair Waldorf looks tiny and so much nicer in real person (but I love her character in the show too!)

17. I love to dance. I love to watch other people dance. I love ABDC. I love Ellen DeGeneres, I love Big Bang Theory. And as you can see, I can be pretty random.

18. I have very small hands, but I give a very firm shake.

19. 19 is my favorite number, coz it is my birthday date.

20. I think horoscope is fun and informative, and there’s even more truth in it if you search what it means for your exact birthday. I wouldn’t call myself superstitious but I believe it says at least something about someone’s personality. For example, I am attracted to Aquarius. I think it’s written in my fate.

21. I like to smile. Because when I don’t, I look really sad.

22. I never watch scary movies. Too scarrrrry~~~

23. I enjoy sports that require some techniques and also make me sweat (so like cardio conditioning, Tae Kwon Do, basketball etc), and this is also written on my horoscope particularly for my birthday.

24. I miss the pineapple favor Sundae from McDonalds in China! We don’t have it in the US!

25. I may not say it often, but I miss you a lot. And I love you, and I owe everything I have and going to have to you, my dear Mom and Dad.


If you have your own 25 Things About Me, send me a link and I would love to check them out too!

  1. Nick Su
    February 11, 2011 at 1:43 am

    the way you introduce yourself is so creative! thats awesome!

    • February 11, 2011 at 7:39 pm

      Thanks Nick. You should write one too! Yeah I know, shared memories 🙂

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